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3 Simplistic Ways to Dress Office Chic

Ever wonder what makes some office outfits so chic, compared to just plain boring? Let’s face it, some office attire can be dowdy and unfashionable. It’s easy to get into a rut of dressing in the same old same old suit, but it’s just as easy to add a few touches that take your work wear up to office chic.

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Here are three simplistic ways to dress office chic:

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1. Add some color/ and or patterns. This hot pink blazer is one of my favorite office pieces. If you are a regular reader, you’be probably figured that out. This blazer has been featured several times recently. If you are new, welcome! I’m all about wearing what I have and showing you how to remix a closet versus always buying something new. I have never really thought about wearing this top and blazer together but the liner to this blazer is a grey stripe and it made me think about this top. This outfit happened on one of those morning when I broke one of my own rules for always looking put together and had nothing planned. I was rummaging through the closet and the blazer and the color of the liner caught my eye.

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2. Create your outfits from separates vs matching suits. I have nothing against matching suits and they can be a lifesaver when you need to get out the door quick without thinking, and they can also be worn as separates. Separate pieces go a long way too in mixing and matching and give just a little edge to take you up to office chic over already matched separates. And it’s okay if something doesn’t “match perfectly.” Now days it’s more about coordinating than matching.

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Blazer- Banana Republic via Thred Up  OPTION OPTION

blouse- Loft  OPTION

pants- Loft  OPTION  OPTION

 shoes- Payless  OPTION  OPTION

belt- Target

earrings- Kendra Scott

3. Use shoes and accessories to create office chic. I’m wearing a snakeskin print belt and snakeskin shoes in coordinating grey colors. I could have worn a solid belt and solid black or nude shoes, but the colors, patterns and textures add a little more interest. Jewelry with bold lines can also add to your office chic look.

How do you do office chic?


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