3 Formulas for Professional Work Outfits to Get You Out the Door Quickly

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3 office outfit formulas

Do you struggle to get out the door quickly and on your way to the office in the mornings? I’ll admit that I certainly do. I am not a morning person.

School is about to start back and that means more traffic, so I will have to start getting out the door a few minutes earlier. Maybe you have kiddos to help get off to school and need a few extra minutes too. One way to assure you get out the door on time is to have ready to go outfits. If you work in an office setting, here are three formulas for professional work outfits to get you out the door quickly.

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Formulas for professional work outfits

1.  Black bottoms+ black/white top+ bright blazer

I often use lots of variations of black and white+ pop of color. This formula with a bright blazer works particularly well in the summer.

A punch of color is always more acceptable at the office during the summer (but don’t think I won’t wear my colors in the winter too!).  If you don’t have a black and white top, a solid white one works too. I used “black bottoms” in the formula because this works equally well with a skirt.

office outfit formulas
professional work outfit
hot pink blazer

Blazer- Banana Republic via Thred UP  option

pants- Loft

blouse- JCrew (via ebay)  option  option

bag- NY&Co.  option option

shoes- TJMaxx  option option option

earrings- Ann Taylor

necklace- Poshmark  option

2. Black  bottoms+grey blazer+black/white top + bright shoes

This formula is similar to the first, but the pop of color is in the shoes. Any color shoe will work with this formula. I could easily wear this again with my coral or cobalt pumps.

office outfit formulas

professional work outfit with red shoes

Blazer- old  option  option low budget option

pants- JCPenney

blouse- (old/ JCPenney)  option  option

shoes- Nordstrom Rack  option

earrings- Nordstrom Rack

3. A matching suit+print blouse

This might be a little on the boring side for some, but it works to get you out the door every time! If you work in a corporate environment, you need at least one matching suit.

You can wear it as separates, but when you don’t have time to think about what to wear, grab a neutral suit and any print/ patterned blouse and you are ready. Patterned tops add some interest to your professional work outfits.

Punch it up with some accessories and it won’t be so boring.

womens work attire, professional work outfit, work outfits women, office clothes
professional work outfits for women

Blazer/pants- Loft  option/ option  option

blouse- Limited  option option

necklace- option

earrings- option

shoes- TJMaxx  option option option

I hope you find these three formulas for professional work outfits helpful on those busy mornings when you don’t have time to think. Just plug in the pieces from your closet and head out for a stress free day. Pin these office outfit formulas so you will have them handy.

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