21 Ways to Wear the JCrew Factory Schoolboy Blazer

You read that right! Today I’m sharing 21 ways to wear the JCrew Factory Schoolboy blazer in camel. The one I keep raving about?! Yes, that one.

If you only own one blazer for fall, winter, and spring, let it be this one. Mine is going strong after four years, even after all of these wearings. I owned a different camel blazer before this one, so I could have shared over 30 ways to wear a camel blazer, but this is going to be a massive post as it is so we will stick to 21.

1 With a cream sweater/top + black watch plaid pants. And a camel blazer always pairs well with leopard

camel blazer with plaid pants

2- With burgundy prints and brown– This camel blazer is the perfect neutral completer for a print top.

camel blazer with brown tween pants, office outfit

3- With pink and brown– soften the look with pink.

office outfit for women with camel blazer and pink sweater

4- With a bright green pencil skirt and plaid scarf– This camel blazer makes the perfect pop against a colorful plaid.

work wear outfit with camel blazer and green pencil skirt

5- With red bottoms. Pair any patterned top that goes with red, or stick with a neutral ivory black or white top, and you’ve got a winner with red bottoms.

camel blazer with red pants

6- With emerald green and brown– those same brown pants with the blazer take on another look with a green top and leopard booties.

winter work wear with camel blazer

7- With a plaid shirt dress

camel blazer with plaid shirt dress

8- with all black. Pop some leopard and burgundy in there for interest.

camel blazer with all black

9- Over a print shirt dress. When wearing a camel blazer in the winter with a dress or skirt, these chestnut/cognac color boots are the perfect compliment to this blazer.

blazer with dress

10- With black and white. I’ve got a little pattern mixing going on with the scarf and tee here but you could do a solid black and white look with a camel blazer.

camel with black and white

11- With black, burgundy and leopard

camel blazer office outfit

12- With burgundy and brown

women's winter work wear

13- With grey bottoms. Oh yeah! the same top and blazer combo as above with a totally different outfit with grey.

women's office outfit with patterned top

14- With the black turtleneck again and rust pants

camel blazer with rust and black

15- With cobalt blue and black. Easily pair a camel blazer with Pantone’s color of the year.

camel with cobalt

16- With a red plaid shirt and jeans. This camel blazer is so good with jeans!

camel blazer with plaid shirt and jeans

17- With a blue patterned top and navy bottoms.

camel blazer with navy pants

18- With a green plaid top and black bottoms

women'w work wear

19- With a leopard pencil skirt or pants. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two neutrals do!

leopard pencil skirt office outfit

20- With a gingham shirt and jeans. (And just this quickly I thought of another pairing in my closet- black gingham shirt and black jeans.)

gingham shirt with camel blazer

21- With a plum pencil skirt and lace blouse

camel blazer with pencil skirt

I seriously don’t think you can wear this blazer any wrong way or any way that doesn’t look good. Maybe it wouldn’t be my favorite with yellows or pastels, but who knows?

Take this post for inspiration and make these outfits yours! You don’t have to create a work wear look- sub jeans. Sub skirts if you don’t like pants. If it’s too warm, sub a blouse in the same color for sweaters. Use colors, patterns and textures for inspiration and don’t feel boxed in by having to recreate the exact same look. Although if you do recreate the exact same look, I’d be flattered!

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