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DeeSayz is a personal style blog aimed at highlighting the best of fashion through inspirational looks, fashion tips, styling ideas and runway trends. Ever since its inception in December, 2015, DeeSayz has built a huge following on social media and in the fashion & design circuit. Deepali’s keen sense of aesthetics coupled with a sharp eye for detail has inspired her to bring forth the latest fashion trends, lifestyle hacks, home decor updates and street style looks through DeeSayz. Simple, beautiful living comes naturally to her! Therefore she is a big proponent of minimal, mindful lifestyle. She strives to drive through to people the benefits of a clean, minimal, focused lifestyle where every woman owns only a few pieces that she really loves and those that truly inspire her and add to her confidence & personality.  Her hard-work & vision advocating minimal style & living to the masses has earned DEESAYZ a position among the TOP 30 Minimal Fashion Blogs of 2018.
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Hallelujah! It’s Friday! It’s time for five for Friday.

1.  We had fall temps on Sunday and a lovely week with cool mornings and highs in the 70s. I can hang out outside without sweating!  I even got to wear a scarf to the court picnic Wednesday.

2. The hubby and I started watching the Halloween movies  this week and plan to see the new one in the theatre. I have always liked Jamie Lee Curtis, and while the hubby doesn’t really care for these movies, he heard that the new movie is presented from the point of the victim and he was intrigued.  I had never watched one of them all the way through, even though they are usually playing in the background on TV around here this time of year. I had no idea what the story line was, other than a mental hospital escapee killing people. I’m much more informed on the story line now, lol.

3. In addition to pumpkin, I start eating more sweet potatoes in the fall. I like canned sweet potato for muffins, breads, and my salmon cakes. I like this organic one because it does not have added sugar or corn syrup. My hubby is allergic to corn so it’s nearly impossible to buy a canned sweet potato off the shelf at the grocery store that he can eat. I just stumbled on these pumpkin and sweet potato powders. I’ve heard of peanut butter powder, but did not know there were so many “whole food powders” out there. I’m curious, how do you use these?

4. Jane pick of the day- for you – love this fringe cardigan

Long Sleeve Fringe Cardigan – $19.99

from: Jane Affiliates

For the home: this letter board set. It comes in gold, rose gold and oak. Perfect for creating menus for Thanksgiving and holiday decor.

10 x 10 in Letter Board / 340 Piece Letter Set – $17.99

Retail Price: $30.00
You Save: $12.01
from: Jane Affiliates


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Have a great weekend.

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