Add some color with a topper like a vest and some colorful shoes. I’ve had this vest for a couple of years now. I have lots of vests and don’t regret it. Vests are the southern girls dream. We can layer for fall and winter without roasting to death. Vests are fall essentials for me.

I added a leopard belt for a fun touch, because leopard is so on trend and it goes with everything, right? This is something I would have done, trend or not.

Another closet essential is the chambray shirt. I wear mine year round. When chambray shirts first became popular years ago, I hesitated because I did not think I’d wear one much. Especially with jeans! Who wears chambray and denim or denim on demin?! Ha.  But this look has become mainstream and classic. I wear my shirt year round. I styled it here with shorts for the summer Maybe I should do a round up of all the ways I have worn a chambray shirt. That might be fun? What do you think?

It’s Friday! I have had a full two weeks of non stop work, with little time to even breathe during my eight hour day. Someone or something has been demanding my attention every second of my work day. This has actually been going on for the last two or three months. I’ve even missed lunch some days because there is no stopping. Everything is due now or yesterday. I’m tired, tired of it and ready for it to slow down. SO… needless to say, I’m glad it’s Friday! It’ been a while since I did a Five for Friday, but here are five random things from my recent life.

1.  The hubby and I celebrated our anniversary last Sunday. We didn’t take our usual anniversary vacation trip. We decided to postpone it for cooler temps and to avoid hurricane issues. Glad we did. Hurricane Michael came through during the time we would have normally been gone. What is up with that? The last three years these awful boogers have messed with my anniversary. I am happy to report that this year we didn’t have to buy new carpet for our anniversary as we didn’t get any direct damage and the stucco guy finished the front of our house on the morning of our anniversary.  Our house is completely repaired now so we should not get anymore flooding and leaks, at least not from regular storms. (Who knows what hurricanes will do?) I’ll take the progress and repairs as a Happy Anniversary.

2. I discovered a new guilty pleasure at Target this week. Daiya is a gluten free, dairy free brand and I discovered that they make a key lime cheesecake. It’s so hard to find gluten free processed foods that the hubby can eat, and while we try to stay away from processed foods anyway, sometimes it’s nice to have something you can open and eat without all the prep. (See two paragraphs above- I’m tired.) Cooking dinner has not really been happening, much less homemade treats, so this was definitely a guilty pleasure! Beware, this might sound healthy, but it’s  high in calories.

3. I also found a paleo pancake mix at Target. Yeah, I did some mindless browsing this week when I ran in for a bottle of lotion. I grabbed a plain mix, a banana flavor and of course, the pumpkin spice mix. We tried the pumpkin spice last night- pretty good for a mix that you just had water. High five for another “convenience food” that we can eat.

4. Speaking of that lotion, I decided to try out St. Ives Renewing collagen lotion. It’s free of lots of junk but I just realized it has soy. Hmm… That can be an issue for some people.  Nonetheless, I do like it’s lightweight formula. My skin actually soaks it up. I don’t like heavy creams that just sit on top and coat the skin.

5. I’ve been doing a lot of blog work lately. You may have noticed some changes and that I added a feature box so you can sign up for a newsletter. I’m going to be sending a weekly newsletter for now. Please SIGN UP if you have not already done so. You will get a newsletter exclusive content. Thanks to those of you that have already signed up. I hope to get a newsletter out tomorrow. It may be short and sweet just as a test run until I get the hang of it.

One more thing… if you have taken my reader survey, you are probably tired of hearing this. BUT, if you haven’t please take my survey. I’ll be turning it off Sunday so this it your LAST CHANCE to tell privately tell me what you would like to see. You can always leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.


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