Cardigan and sweaters This is a category I don’t need until maybe November? Southern fall and winter is so unpredictable, we might wear shorts on Christmas Day! So it’s hard to get excited about this category, but here are my picks: I love the details like the twist front BP sweater, the hooded cardigan, and the blouson sleeve Gibson pullover.

Denim A great category to save in if you love premium denim. I’ve based my picks on what I’d try as a petite curvy girl with much junk in the trunk! I love that Nordstrom always gives inseam, rise, etc. measurements.  This lets me know if I even need to bother. I always look for a 14 inch back rise. I purchased Articles of Society jeans last year. They are super soft and comfy. Don’t size up. I mistakenly did and I play tug of war with them by the end of the day, but if I had the right size, I’d love them! Of course my all time favorites are NYDJ. If they say true to size, get your size. If they say size down, heed the advice. I know, personal experience. And when you invest this much in denim, you want to get the right size! I have the NYDJ Ami and love them.  As a teenage and young adult, Levi was all I knew. I’m giving them a try again. The high waist crops and the Caslon flare crops are on the way to me just so I can try a new trend.


Dresses and skirts– This is not a category I’m super excited about, but I do love skirts.  Here are a few picks:

Accessories– Oh the fun stuff! So many cute hats! I keep seeing everyone post this baker boy cap (I’m excited to see baker boy caps back this year, my favorite with my short hair) but this one is super cute too.

Shoes– Oh, I do love shoes! I’ve already posted my favorite ankle booties, so check those out here.

That’s all for now! Thanks for following along. Happy Shopping!


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