white tee outfit, black moto jacket, fall outfit, grey jeans outfit




Black Moto Jacket- Nordstrom option  option  option

tee- Target

scarf- Maurice’s option option option

jeans- Nordstrom  option

shoes- Nordstrom

earrings- Limited option

I wore this black moto jacket outfit to church a couple of weeks ago when we a a short two-day cold snap. We don’t have cold weather consistently so I had to wear this jacket that I got last Christmas when I had the chance. I literally have only worn it once since getting it almost a year ago. We had such a hot winter last winter season. I do not want to repeat that. I heard a joke on a radio ad this week that sum’s up south Georgia weather- our four seasons are almost summer, summer, still summer and Christmas. Yep, that’s about it. Anyway, I digress.


I wore this outfit to church and my husband leaned over at the beginning of the service and said “You have your Negan outfit on. You have your jacket and you even have the neckerchief.” UM, REALLY? Of course, he was just kidding. He bought this jacket and loves it on me. And for all my fellow Walking Dead fans, I hate Negan. We could have ended this whole saga about three seasons ago if someone would just take him out. And they have had plenty of opportunity to do so. He is not even as big as me. Soaking wet, that little man probably doesn’t weigh as much as I do. I would not submit to someone like that. And if someone would just TAKE HIM OUT, the others would not be a problem. They wouldn’t know what to do without him. Anyways, it’s  a TV show. I don’t advocate violence in real life.


I just had to have this scarf. It’s camo and leopard all in one! I found it at my local Maurice’s. I could not find one like it to link too, but I’ve linked some camo options and grey leopard options. 


It’s Friday but I don’t really have any Five for Friday for you so I’ll share this link with you-


5 reasons why you’re losing engagement on Instagram. Who’s on that struggle bus?


Have a great weekend!


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