Cardigan- JCP  option option option 

tshirt- Target

embroidered jeans- JCP 

shooties- Payless  option option 

purse- Nine West  option  option

necklace- Rocksbox  Get a free month with code FondaBFF

earrings- Rocksbox

Oh my goodness! Halloween came and went and now Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us. It’s this busy time of year that I need these super casual and comfy outfits to get me through the season. This outfit is almost as good as pajamas. These jeans are soft and comfy and this white tee from Target is my favorite. Throw on a cardigan and some cute shoes and you’ve got yourself a cute fall outfit.


Speaking of the busy season, let’s talk about how to prepare for the holidays. Some pre planning and preparation can make things go a whole lot smoother. Here are five ways to prepare for the holidays.



1. Get your wrapping supplies and get them organized. Having your boxes, paper, tape etc all ready to go will make things go faster when you get ready to wrap. Do you wrap as you go, or have one big wrapping party? The hubby and I usually put on Christmas movies and wrap everything in one afternoon.


2. Make your gift lists. Shop with a purpose. Know what you are going to get each recipient and know your budget.  I’ll be updating the gift guides and having holiday posts, so make sure you are following me if you need inspiration.


3. Plan your holiday menus.


4. Plan your holiday outfits. Set those pieces aside so they will be clean and ready to go when you are trying to get ready for those parties and dinners. I’ve started a Pinterest board for holiday outfit inspiration so make sure you are following.


5. Decide what you are not going to do. Organizing Moms hasa great list of things you can stop doing. I used to dive head first into all the baking, decorating, etc. and I got so burned out. I’ve learned to scale back, and Christmas is still just as special.

What are your tips for getting ready for the holidays?


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