Top- Nordstrom (sold out) similiar  option option option

skirt- JCPenney  option  option

boots-  (old)  option option  option

bracelet-  similar

necklace – Kendra Scott 

While the mustard top is more of a fall wear, this one will take me right into the holidays with the rich burgundy and greens. Our temps don’t change much from fall to winter, so I’ll still be able to wear it. I decided to come up with something I could wear to the office so I could get more wear out of this top, so I paired it with a pencil skirt and boots. I also had a black blazer on hand. The sleeves are small enough and the material is light enough that I can fold them over and put them inside a jacket or blazer if need be. 

You’ve seen me wear this pencil skirt all spring. Now I’m moving along with it in fall. It’s a great classic piece you can wear to work year round. Here’s another look with this skirt. 

All of the Black Friday ads seem to be popping up. Can we have Veteran’s day and Thanksgiving first? 

My husband told me a story last night about a little girl who has lost her father to suicide and is now living with the grandparents. The grandfather shared that they are now holding hands and saying the blessing together. They had to say the blessing seven times one night because the little girl kept grabbing hands and wanting to say the blessing. It made me stop and think, am I that thankful? I do pray and start my prayers with thanksgiving, but the blessing can get a bit rushed sometimes, yet it’s the perfect time to stop and be thankful. 

Have  a great day!

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