Now that the Nsale is over, we can all get back to summer. It’s still here in full force, although it’s cooled down to under 90 this week here. It’s still summer and I still want to get some wear out of my summer items, like these Loft sailor shorts. I don’t really need to see fall clothing yet, and I bet you don’t either. We’ve got plenty of time for fall.


What I don’t have time for is wrinkles. I’m in need of a good eye cream. Any suggestions? I have a bad habit of not wearing my sunglasses, but I really need to start. Even those quick trips in and out at lunch cause me to squint and I know that’s just adding to the wrinkles. So back to eye cream. I’ve always been a drugstore brand girl for everything and I can’t quite bring myself to spend what some of the higher end creams cost, but I’m looking for something that works better than what I currently use.  Do they really work? I’d like to know your thoughts and experiences.


I’ve read some good things about Kiehls with avocado and about La Mer, (but I’m not forking out $200 for eye cream) Strivectin rated well and so did Dermalogica age smart and Dermalogica Total eye care. Have you tried any of these?



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