I’m still pleasantly surprised at how many options I have for this plum skirt. This blouse should have been the first thing that came to mind but it wasn’t until I hung it in the closet that I realized this blouse would be the perfect partner for this skirt.

Notice something different? I’m wearing nail polish. I haven’t done this in years. I keep my toes nails polished but stopped with my finger nails years ago. I never have time for it or time to wait for it to dry before I’m doing something with my hands. But… I recently became infatuated with grey nails for fall and for the last two weeks I’ve kept my nails done with this bluish grey color from Revlon. The hubby even thinks this is a pretty color.  (I paint them while I’m watching The Walking Dead on Sunday nights. I dunk them in ice water to set and then go straight to bed after the show. So far, no smudges or dents.)

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