15 Best Gifts for Travelers

If you have someone in your circle who travels frequently for work or just loves to travel, these gifts for travelers will make their travels much easier and more enjoyable.

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I’ve updated this post from previous years.

reversible tote travel gift

1.  A reversible tote– great for carrying extra items when traveling and it’s reversible so it can be swapped out to go with different outfits once you arrive.

2. Have you ever thought about where your shoes have been? You certainly don’t  want to throw them in on top of your clothes. A shoe bag will keep your traveler’s shoes and clothes protected from each other.

3. Luggage scale no more surprises at the airport!

4. Portable charger– A lifesaver in a pinch when you can’t get to a proper outlet. Also great to have around the house for when the power goes out in a storm.

best gifts for travelers travel mug

5. Travel mug  One of those must have gifts for the traveler, or daily commuter.

6. Packing cubes– I am sold on these! I bought a set and managed to get ALL my stuff with three days of outfits in a carry on during a business trip in October. I would have never managed that before these. I am giving a set of these to someone on my list. I bought the medium size for the short trip and bought a large size set for our recent vacation. Love, love, love these.

7. Luggage tags– Something fun to make your luggage easily recognizable when you are ready to grab it and go.

8. Your frequent traveler will also appreciate a steamer. A steamer makes quick work of getting the wrinkles out of clothes that have been folded or rolled in a bag.

9. Make up bag- I have not tried this one, but I’m intrigued. I hate digging in a traditional bag, and I have a more organized bag but  I hate all the zipping and unzipping of compartments. This is just roll and go!

10.  Airbnb gift card go ahead and help fund that next trip. I’d be so stoked if I received one of these.

11. Jewelry organizer I have a similar one and it goes on every trip. This one has more room than mine for larger earrings.

12. Sleep mask– it’s just difficult to shut out those motel parking lot lights. I have this one and it will do the trick.

13. Mini rechargable flat iron– takes up very little space and it’s perfect for touch ups on the go.

14. Mini collar iron– I have one of these and this thing is great for collars and for touch ups when traveling.

15. A mini flashlight- Absolutely one of the best gifts for travelers. You just never know when you are on the road and travling to unknown destinations. You might need a little extra light upon arrival, to find things in a bag or in the car.

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What other ideas do you have for gifts for the traveler?

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