10 Yellow Blazer Outfit Ideas

Yellow is such a cheery color. Yellow symbolizes energy, optimism, joy, and happiness. If you are prone to dopamine dressing (things that make you feel good), you may have a yellow piece of clothing in your wardrobe. An easy way to add color to your work wear or casual outfits is to wear a yellow blazer. This post will show you ten yellow blazer outfit ideas.

Before you make a quick exit thinking you can’t wear yellow, hear me out.

clothing in various shades of yellow

There is a shade of yellow for most anyone, ranging from pale yellow to sunny yellow to warm mustard yellows. The most flattering and versatile shade of yellow is a “true” yellow, or sunny yellow much like this blazer I am featuring.

Pale to medium skin tones can wear more saturated “sunny” yellows and mustard. Medium to olive can wear the saturated yellows, and darker skin tones can wear most any shade of yellow.

shades of yellow for skin tones chart

Once you find your perfect shade of yellow, rock it in a blazer in one of these ten ways.

10 Yellow Blazer Outfits

The easiest way to style a yellow blazer is to pick a top with a floral print containing a similar shade of yellow. Then pair the duo with neutral bottoms or a coordinating color.

Yellow blazer+ floral blouse + light blue pants

In this outfit, the pants were coordinated with a blue from the top and the blazer with yellow from the top. Almost any shade of blue will work with yellow. Light blue bottoms will work in a variety of yellow blazer outfit ideas.

yellow blazer outfit with light blue pants

In the next outfit, the same top and blazer were paired with a more neutral blue- navy.

yellow blazer outfit with navy pants

Yellow blazer + floral top + black pants

Yellow contrasts and pops against black. Tie the two together with a floral blouse containing both colors.

black pants with yellow blazer office outfit

Yellow works with navy in any combination.

A navy and ivory button up paired with navy pants gets a boost from the yellow blazer.

yellow and navy outfit

The list of yellow blazer outfit ideas would not be complete without a floral dress or jumpsuit.

Here a yellow blazer completes a navy floral jumpsuit .

Neutral shoes keep the outfit grounded and keep the leg line flowing.

yellow blazer with navy floral jumpsuit

Include grey in the ensemble for another yellow blazer outfit.

 Pair your blazer with a grey tee, or choose grey dress pants for a work wear look.

grey pants with yellow blazer

We’ve already established that navy and yellow play well together.

Add white to the mix for a work outfit with summer vibes.

Yellow blazer outfit with white pants

White jeans should also be a go to when creating a yellow blazer outfit.

Add a coordinating striped tee. Dress up the look with nude pumps. Check out how Beth at Style At A Certain Age wears a yellow blazer and white jeans.

white jeans outfit

Try some color blocking with a coral top and navy skirt.

Tie the pieces together with an accessory like a coordinating scarf.

pencil skirt outfit with blazer

Punch up the vibrance by pairing a yellow blazer with a bright green floral top.

When wearing bright colors to the office, I like to keep at least one piece of the outfit neutral and more conservative. Navy pants are fulfilling that role here.

yellow blazer with navy pants

Drop me a comment and let me know if yellow is a color you wear.

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